If we can't trust those that check the facts in the media, who can we trust?  A recent story about what was labelled the biggest lie of the recent campaign for President turned out that the "lie" ended up being true after all.

More and more it seemed that way during the course of the campaign for President.  One side would not get challenged and the other would.  Now, let me just say that the Romney campaign didn't always have the corner on the market of truth, but then neither did the President's campaign.  Still, I don't know how many times I combed through one of the stories about what thing that Mitt Romney supposedly lied about and when you read through it and did a little checking yourself, you found out that whatever the fact checkers claimed was a lie itself.  The bib problem with it all is simply this...we can't trust the media to check itself anymore.  They figure that you won't follow up on it and for the most part they are right.

The fault lies partially with the media that decides that they can shape the news rather than report on it.  Still, part of it lies with anyone that will not check the "facts" and call them out. Granted, that is what I am doing in this editorial piece, but it is not near enough if we are going to have the truth win the day.  Gone are the days when the "ugly, old truth" would rear it's head because people are largely listening with their hearts instead of with their heads.  If people did listen with good, well reasoned common sense, we would have seen a far different outcome in the most recent election, but instead, people voted for the coolest one on the ballot.

I always say that you need to look deeper into the facts of stories and question for yourself what happened.  Reading the news needs to be the beginning of reason rather than just a means to inform yourself anymore.  The media doesn't look at their job as informing you, but rather as the job of forming and shaping your opinion on things.  Whatever you do, don't let them do it.  Question, dig deeper and you will find that you are more satisfied when you know the truth, no matter what it is.