The number of high school seniors filling out financial aid forms for post-secondary education is up 7 percent over last year. Senior Educational Technology consultant Stephanie Marcum says they've been making a big push to let students know that FAFSA isn't just for traditional college.

"You might be going to a driving academy to learn how to drive big rigs," said Marcum. "There are literally hundreds and hundreds of institutions in the state that students can use TOPS TECH funds for."

65% of students are submitting FAFSA paperwork this year compared to 58% last year, an increase of 3100 kids. Marcum says when people hear "financial aid" they think loans, but she says that's a very small aspect of what you find out through FAFSA.

"Also if you're eligible for a pell grant a go grant, or any type of TOPS award," said Marcum.

Marcum says they also saw an increase in financial aid applications when TOPS wasn’t fully funded last year. She says they expect the numbers to continue to go up when filling out FAFSA becomes a requirement for seniors next year.

"Because we have lots of kids leaving money on the table that doesn't even know they're eligible."