Impersonating a police officer is nothing new. Criminals have been using that tactic to take advantage of victims for a long time now. But a cop impersonator in Florida is now facing jail time after his victim turned out to be an actual cop.

Police in St. Johns County say 20-year-old Matthew Michael Lee McMahon turned on is red and blue lights pulled over a car, but he got quite the shocker when the person behind the wheel turned out to be a sheriff's office detective in an unmarked car.

Det. Chance Anderson, a ten year veteran of the force whose job it is to catch police impersonators, told Florida NBC affiliate FCN-12 that he was "shocked to, number one, see somebody affecting a traffic stop on me." Anderson said he works for a "rather large department," but he still knows a majority of the officers.

So when Anderson did not recognize the 20-year-old who pulled him over, he performed a traffic stop of his own. McMahon reportedly gave a number of reasons as to why he had the police lights, and in the end, it was determined that he had never been a certified law enforcement officer.

McMahon was charged with unlawfully displaying blue lights.