It was a hard fought race and one of the candidates had to win and in this case it was sitting Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne.  However, the attack ads and general negative tone that was taken by Billy Nungesser had to have some impact on Mr. Dardenne.  If things stay the way they are, it may not have much impact in the future.  However, if we see Governor Jindal asked to be a part of the Republican ticket and become Vice-President or run for and get another position, say Senator from the state, then it gets more interesting.  Jay Dardenne would then advance to Governor and would take with him some baggage in the form of being called a liberal.  It may not even be true, but if something like this gets repeated often enough, it might even be believed.

The best move for Lt. Gov. Dardenne would be taking the time to be in the public eye as someone that can be trusted with the reigns of government.  Obviously he can't overshadow the Governor and we know he wouldn't want to.  But, people need to know that he is nothing like what Mr. Nungesser said he was.

The other impact of this race is clear.  Billy Nungesser does have something of a future in Louisiana politics and this race can't have been good for him.  He might even run for the position again and have to work with a former opponent like Dardenne, whom he previously called liberal.  I can't imagine that would be a conversation that would be anything else than awkward.

Regardless, Jay Dardenne has his work cut out for him in proving that he has the public trust.  It should make for an interesting couple of years in politics in the state of Louisiana.