The dictionary describes a landmark as “an object or feature of a landscape or town that is easily seen and recognized from a distance, esp. one that enables someone to establish their location”. Across the country, there are plenty of familiar landmarks, from the Statue of Liberty to the Golden Gate Bridge. But right here in Acadiana, we have our own landmarks that are very familiar and can be recognized from a distance as well. They may not be as famous around the world, but everyone knows these five landmarks in Acadiana.

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    444 Cajundome Blvd.

    Perhaps the most Visible structure in Lafayette, the Cajundome recently celebrated their 25th anniversary. Over the years, the Cajundome has seen a variety of events, from graduations, concerts, sports events and expositions, and even housed evacuees after hurricane Katrina.

    Ken Romero
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    St. John's Cathedral

    515 Cathedral St, Lafayette, Louisiana 70501

    St. John's Cathedral is one of the most familiar church facades in Lafayette. It was the first church built in the parish back in 1821 and is listed in the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

    U.S. National Register of Historic Places
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    Evangeline Maid Spinning Bread Sign

    801 W Simcoe Street, Lafayette, LA 70501

    Evangeline Maid Bread. If you live in Louisiana, you know Evangeline Maid Bread. If you drive down Simcoe, you can't miss the factory. The giant loaf of bread rotating on the outside of the building just calls for you to make a sandwich. Love the smell of fresh baked bread. It even has it's own Facebook Fan Page.

    Ken Romero
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    The Atchafalaya Basin Bridge

    I-10 from mile marker 117 to 135

    Although technically not in Lafayette, it's very familiar to residents and travelers alike. The Atchafalaya Basin Bridge opened to traffic in 1971. Before it was built, travelers would have to take 190 through Opelousas to get to Baton Rouge. Nowadays, to many here in Acadiana, it's the really long drive with no place to stop between Henderson and Ramah/Maringouin, but to others, it's David Letterman's Favorite Drive as well as the 10th longest bridge in the world. Remember when the speed limit was 70 on the bridge? That changed during Mike Foster's administration, lowering the speed limit to 60 (and 55 for large trucks).

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    Fireman Statue

    300 East Vermilion Street

    A relative newcomer to the category of landmark, the Fireman statue is like a mecca for downtown visitors. The depiction of a shirtless fireman has created an underground fan club that frequently appears above ground, especially during celebrations including Mardi Gras and festivals. Positioned in front of the fire station in downtown Lafayette, it even has it's own facebook fan page.