Spring Games are typically just glorified practice, so Mark Hudspeth and the Ragin' Cajuns Football team decided to give their fans a peek at what a real practice looks like.

Due to a lack of numbers on the offensive line, Coach Hud and his staff decided to invite fans and media to watch his team grind it out like they have all Spring. Some media members get access to practice sessions, but the average fan doesn't get a chance to see the work that goes into the offseason.

The team warmed up with individual drills and then awed the fans with a full-contact Oklahoma drill. Pads were popping and Hud kept a fervent feel to the modified practice, and the fans were allowed to ask questions all throughout via the scoreboard.

Former Linebacker Al Riles impressed fans and media alike with his ability to transition to wide receiver as he shined in the 1-on-1 drill against the defensive back. His fellow 6'7" receiver Jared Johnson tip-toed the sidelines for a pretty catch during 7-on-7 drills and James Butler snagged a ball he never should have caught in the back of the endzone when the offense took on the defense.

All eyes were on the kicking competition between Stephen Brauchle and Hunter Stover, and they didn't dissapoint. Stover hit every FG attempt all the way up to 60 yards, which hit the crossbar. Brauchle nailed his 60-yarder but failed to hit his 45-yard attempt. Coach Hudspeth said Stover is still the leader come Fall Ball, but that could change before the season's first game.

Fans got their burning questions answered by Coach Hud, which included gems like, "Who would win in an arm wrestling match between you and Rusty Whitt?" Hud thought he could take him.

Ultimately, all you want out of a Spring Game is an injury-free day where you get to show the fans how hard you've been working under the hot sun. The injury-bug didn't bite anybody and the fans were treated to a different, but exciting show. It would be hard to call the day anything but a success.

To relive all the magic of the Spring Extravaganza, check out the insider experience on the field with all the players and coaches. Football doesn't start until Fall, so cling onto this pigskin action with all you've got. Put on your helmet, lace up the cleats, and just click play.