According to Fox News, federal discrimination law doesn't ban father-daughter or mother-son dances, but the law in Rhode Island does, so the dance at the Cranston, Rhode Island school is cancelled.  An assistant school superintendent says they will work to change the Rhode Island law, but for now, they are going to follow the law the way it is on the books.

Okay, fine, but one parent complained to the ACLU!  That's what stinks about some of the things that go on in our country right now.  One parent says it's discrimination, and then the whole tradition has to go away.  How silly is that?

I know the American Civil Liberties Union works to defend people's civil liberties, but because one single mom complains, the whole thing is going to get shot down?  You know what is going to happen to that kid at school now?  You bet, everyone will not like her.  It's harsh, but that is just the way that it's going to be.

I know we are worried about rights, but what about the rights of all the other students who were hoping that they could go with their mom to the mother-daughter dance or the students wanting to go to the father-daughter dance.  Shouldn't the majority win out in this case?  Yeah, but you and I know that it will not because the school district does not want to get sued.

So rack another one up for the ACLU that ends up hurting more people than it's helping in this case.  I hope these parents get together at some place not associated with the school and have their dance.  How ridiculous!