Neil Heslin lost his 6-year-old son, Jesse, over 6 months ago when he was gunned down in the deadly Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre, in Newtown, Connecticut.

Saturday, Heslin and others will be gathering with faith leaders and local advocates in New Orleans to voice their continued support for "common-sense" gun policies, focusing on comprehensive and enforceable background checks, which Heslin believes are "one of the most important things I feel that could make a change." Heslin says it's part of a tour called "No More Names," a national drive to reduce gun violence. His son's name is on the tour bus.

Heslin also points out that he supports the Second Amendment and that he's not trying to take anyone's guns away. He says background checks are already in place for dealers and he'd like to see that expanded to include all gun sales, including "Internet, private sales and gun shows" as well as "close up a lot of loopholes."