I have so many questions about the resignation of General David Petraeus I don't really know where to start.  General Petraeus resigned as CIA Director because of an admitted sexual relationship with his biographer Paula Broadwell.  The investigation supposedly started with threatening e-mails sent by Broadwell to yet another woman.  So the FBI investigates and determines the Broadwell relationship could have led to a security breach.  It was pointed out to me this morning by a KPEL NewsJunkie that if General Petraeus could not keep the Paula Broadwell relationship secret how could we depend on him to keep the nation's secrets?  What a great point!  But this point makes me think back to former President Bill Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky.  Here the commander-in-chief and most powerful man in the free world swears he did not have a sexual relationship with a young naive star-struck woman and is impeached for his actions.  That same commander-in-chief of the military continues in his role with all it's perks and benefits including retirement benefits.  That said commander-in-chief to this day continues to have the adoration of his political party and becomes a spokesman for safe sex through condom use in Africa.  What hypocrisy!

The FBI investigation into the Petraeus/Broadwell affair seems to have started in early spring but the results were withheld until three days after the Presidential election to avoid endangering the chances of President Obama being re-elected.  Let's see if I got all of this straight.  General Petraeus was a threat to national security but the FBI withheld that information for months.  Seems to me that some people in the FBI should be investigated for endangering the security of our country.  Why didn't they act immediately?  To protect the election.  Wow, says a lot for our political process.  The FBI was pressured into putting our national security at risk for the sake of the reelection of President Barack Hussein Obama....that scares me to death.

Some people felt divulging another embarrassment to the Obama Administration would have derailed the election and I say "right".  After all the other embarrassments why would one more hurt?  A large number of Obama voters have never heard of "Fast and Furious", Eric Holder or the Bengahzi massacre.  Why would a retired four star Army General in charge of the CIA matter?

What matters to me is the dereliction of duty on the part of the FBI and the Justice Department.  I truly feel heads should roll but I know General David Petraeus will be the only body under the bus.