Today is Coach “O” Day in Lafourche Parish to honor LSU’s new head football coach Ed Orgeron. Orgeron is a native of Larose, where an event will be held at the local civic center at 6:00 p.m. Member of the planning committee, Larry Weidel, says Orgeron, better known as BaBa, was a hometown football star back in his day.

“He played in the 1977 state championship game that we won. So he’s one of us. We were so glad that he got the job because now we have somebody we can understand.”
Weidel says during the banquet, Orgeron’s high school football jersey will be retired and fellow members of the 1977 South LaFourche High School football team will be recognized for winning the state championship. He says the event has over 90 sponsors and over a thousand tickets were sold.
“So we’re just overwhelmed with the response from the community. Everybody wants to see BaBa, shake his hand, take a picture. He’s going to have a busy night.”
Weidel says the biggest takeaway from Coach “O” Day, is the development of a non-profit organization that will donate all the money collected to charities in Lafourche Parish.
“We talked to BaBa and said we’ll donate any money left over after expenses to your favorite charity, he said his favorite charity is all the ones back home.”