The story came out a month or two back that a worker at the Social Security office in Baltimore, Maryland had a problem.  The problem was of the Pepe Le Pew variety and people in the office were having issues with it.  The issues were so bad that the government decided it was time to take steps to take care of the windy issue.

How they did it was the ridiculous part of the story.  They assigned someone to track how bad things were over the course of 12 weeks.  They recorded 60 incidents over that time that the worker had passed gas in his office.  All of this went into a report that the government used to officially reprimand him for his gaseous emissions.  Yes, our tax dollars at work, once again.

Fortunately, when this hit the airwaves, supervisors decided that it was probably a good idea to cut the and do away with the official reprimand.

Of course the damage has been done, both for those workers that dealt with the issue and  for those of us that realize our government spends too much and has way too much time on it's hands if they can track someone's flatulence over the course of 12 weeks.  Imagine the job title for that person.  "Yes, I am the flatulence tracker for our local office.  It's all a matter of worker safety after all."

Thankfully, common sense reigns in this case, but then you or I were not there when the emissions presented themselves or when the worker in question decided to turn on a fan when things took place (great idea, blow it at your co-workers).  Still, the government now wants to regulate someones farts.  I guess they really do have their hands in everything.