The government is looking to postpone the trial against Carencro strip club owner James Panos.

Federal prosecutors say they are seeking the delay for a two month period because of the complexity of the case along with the amount of all the evidence collected that must be studied.

Federal prosecutors were scheduled to present their case against James Panos in March, but are asking for the delay in the strip club owner's trial, so they can review all documents and evidence.

Panos has been charged with one count of conspiracy of maintaining a drug-involved premises at Desperado's Gentlemen's Cabaret.  Government agents raided the club back in December as they were looking into allegations of drug use and abuse along with prostitution.

Panos' attorney Scott lles says he has never seen the evidence against his client.  He says he wants to see what they have and how much before he decides how to respond to the prosecutor's request for more time.