FEMA is looking for Louisiana workers to help during disaster response. Supervisor of Human Resources Specialist, Carisa Berkeley says they’re looking to hire 100 reservists from southeast Louisiana to work in FEMA’s public assistance program. She says they’re interested in hiring people with a range of work experience.

“We’re looking for individuals who have a construction background or possibly building inspectors, any kind of disaster recovery specialist, bridges and roadwork to essentially help us out with disaster recovery and response,” Berkeley said.

Berkeley says their reservist program is made up of 23 groups that handle different aspects of disaster response. She says the more robust of a workforce they can create in these areas, the better the response they can offer.

“Particularly in our southern or southeastern areas, we get hit with a lot of flooding or hurricanes, tornadoes. So we need individuals to help with that type of response,” Berkeley said.

Berkeley says people can view the job openings and apply at LaWorks.net. She says the deadline to apply is tomorrow at midnight. She says this job can help someone advance their own career and at the same time rebuild a community.

“It’s not just about the you. It shows you when you get out on a disaster about the us and helping us as a community get back together,” Berkeley said.