Investigators are trying to determine if severed heads discovered last month near lakes in Texas and Louisiana are connected. Cameron Parish Sheriff Ron Johnson says the head found in his parish next to Highway 27 and one in Texas are eerily similar.

 “The similarities being both had auburn hair and the approximate age of both victims. Of course, both being female. Ours has dental work. The other one, they said had very good teeth.”

The Texas and Louisiana connection according to Johnson seems to point toward a serial killer. The heads were found in similar surroundings about 150 miles apart at Lake Houston and Calcasieu Lake.

“Of course, the head was severed. Both of them was put in plastic bags and thrown away.”

An inmate doing cleanup labor found the severed head in Cameron Parish on March 1st. Volunteers cleaning near Lake Houston made their discovery on March 24th. Johnson believes that another body discovered in his parish in 2016 could also be a part of these similar crimes.

“The head and the body was dumped in the same area. So, I’m thinking on this end, is there a connection with the same people using the same area to dump in?”