Today on 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' Festival International's Executive Director Missy Paschke-Wood and Vice-President of Marketing visited to discuss the upcoming 2014 Festival.

One of the highlights of Festival International each year is the debut of the Festival pin and poster.  Today we were presented with the 2014 pins and we asked who had designed the pin.  Sappington replied,

The pin itself was designed by BBR Creative but it was a concept from our artist which is Dee Dee Manley this year.  She did a phenomenal job with the artwork.  From that we were able to derive both the pin and the poster.

Paschke-Wood went on to say,

One of the things that is really interesting about her piece is that she was directly inspired by a photograph of a dancer that performed at last year's Festival.  A lot of folks remember the people who spinning trance-like doing that beautiful dance...She even told us that she was spinning in her studio to figure out how the skirt should flow!

In an attempt to get a sneak peek at the lineup for this year's Festival we asked who would be performing and Paschke-Wood said,

Nice try!  We have between 95 and 100 groups or performers playing on five stages throughout the five days of Festival.  Some of them only perform once but some who travel the longest distance may play twice.

Last year Festival International de Louisiane was voted best free world music festival by readers.  One of the factors that helps to keep the Festival free is over two thousand volunteers.  If you'd like to volunteer visit the Festival International website and signup for the newsletter.

You can listen to the interview by clicking on the blue arrow below: