U.S. Senator David Vitter expressed continued deep concern about American's ever mushrooming federal debt.  Vitter told the hosts of "Mornings With Ken & Bernie" that there are solutions to America's budget woes, and the first is to stem spending.

Senator Vitter says there is never been a more frustrating time for many American people as they feel as if Congress no longer wants to hear what they have to say about American governmental spending, and that citizens are ready to head to the polls to support candidates that want the budget to be cut.

Vitter says much of the issues facing our country's financial situation would be helped by cuts, but also by severe changes to the American tax code.  Vitter says he hears the frustration from many across our state about how inequitable the tax code is.

Vitter discussed his thoughts on different solutions to lawmaker's spending, and says he is not giving up the fight to cut spending.