This morning, Warren Caudle, Carol Ross & Mike Stagg joined "Mornings With Ken & Bernie" again for another edition of "Winging It Wednesday".  The panelists had plenty to say about the recent downgrading of America's credit rating by Standard and Poor's.

The first topic for the panelists today was to simply give their view of how Standard and Poor's downgrading of our credit rating will really affect America.  Panelist Mike Stagg says he is concerned about the group's view, since they are paid to issue views, while Carol Ross says, "don't shoot the messegner", and Warren Caudle expressed his doubt that overall it would have less of an impact on the economy than many might think.

When asked whether or not Congress should be investigating Standard and Poor's Mike Stagg felt it was a waste, while Ross pointed out that there are bigger issues at the moment.  Caudle commented that more research into the group is what's really warranted, but it's the American public that should be paying closer attention.  Some of the segments were a little heated.