She has been missing since the weekend, and we are all concerned about where she is.  It's all the talk around town from around the dinner table to around the water cooler.  Where is she?  Will she be found?  It seems like the entire city is concerned with her well-being.  So many are searching and doing whatever they can.

While no one likes that Mickey is still missing, I believe it shows that there is something unique and positive in the City of Lafayette.  We are seeing a city mobilized.  We are seeing one person helping another.  Many of those that are looking are not necessarily people that know Mickey personally.  They just know that they would want people to do the same if they were missing or someone they knew was missing.  Everyone is investing in this girl's life by spending time looking for her or just simply by looking around a little bit more as they go about their regular business.

Part of the efforts can certainly be handed to those that know her best.  They organized rapidly and put together a search that this city has not seen for quite some time.  They have continued to let the public know about their efforts and have worked hard getting the word out, from signs on city streets to t-shirts to fliers that are everywhere from Facebook pages to a Starbucks location I happened to visit.

We all hope and pray for a happy ending in this story.  Everything we have heard indicates that Mickey was the kind of person that everyone would have wanted to know.  We also realize that through these efforts that we are a tight knit community.  The loss of one person affects all of us.  The hope that they return has infected us with a knowledge of what we already knew to begin with.  This is a great community.  Efforts like this one only show it off to the world.

And let me add my voice to the many that are saying, "Bring Mickey home, please."