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This week on 'Firearms Friday' Glenn Fleming discussed among other things:

  • Single action versus double action handguns
  • Registration of so-called 'assault rifles' in Connecticut
  • An 11 year old girl protecting her brother
  • Piers Morgan's departure from CNN
  • Ukrainian people calling for their own 2nd Amendment

Each week we start 'Firearms Friday' with a discussion of firearm safety and this week Fleming said,

Something we've mentioned a number of times but it bears repeating. If you have children in the house make sure that your firearms are not accessible to them. Children are curious by nature, I know because I have one. If they see a gun just laying there, they're going to play with it, that's just what kids do. As a responsible parent you have to make sure they can't get access to them.

Next we asked Glenn to explain the difference between single and double action handguns and if it really mattered which you choose. According to Glenn,

You should care particularly if you have a weaker hand because double-action requires a stronger trigger pull than a single action...Single action are like the old cowboy guns, you have to cock the hammer manually then squeeze the trigger. With a double action it is performing two actions, you squeeze the trigger it cocks the weapon and fires it...There's also a kind of a red-headed step child of the Glocks and Stricker fired guns that don't really fit into those categories. You want something that when you squeeze it it's not going to go 'off target'.

A KPEL NewsJunkie called in and asked if he could use .38 special ammo in his .357 handgun to reduce the recoil for his wife's use and Fleming said,

Oh yeah, you can load a .38 into the .357 without any problem. The .38 still has a bit of recoil to it and she might not like that either.

We also suggested to the caller that he might consider downsizing to a smaller caliber for his wife.

To hear what Glenn had to say about our other topics and his answer to more listener questions click on the blue arrow below to hear the entire show:

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