Glenn Fleming Acadiana Gunworks photo

This week on 'Firearms Friday' Glenn Fleming took calls from KPEL NewsJunkies and discussed among other things:

  • Celebratory gunfire
  • Gun show etiquette
  • The arrest of a California state representative
  • Open carry and concealed carry

Our first call of the day started the program with a question concerning Fleming's thoughts on the House Bill 272, the gun buy-back program. Fleming said,

I figure it will do one of two things. Either it won't go through or if it does people will be lined up ready to buy guns before they get to the point of the buy-back...What's interesting is most of the guns they buy back are useless and can't even fire.  Buy-back programs do nothing to get violent offenders off the street.

Moving on to Glenn's safety tip he reminded people that,

Celebratory gunfire is not very smart. In many parts of the world including New Orleans people will shoot a firearm into the air to celebrate an event. You have to remember whatever goes up has to come down. Many times a falling bullet will injure or kill someone who is not near the celebration. The point is, don't shoot a firearm into the air.

Each year the Acadiana area sees it's share of gun shows and Glenn had some thoughts on 'gun show etiquette'. According to Fleming,

At gun shows there are plenty of guns laid out for customers and you can pick them up but it's always a good idea to ask if you can. Some table owners get offended if you just walk up and pick something up without asking. Another thing to remember is these shows are crowded and even though you want to check out the sights on a gun don't point it at anybody.

A recent news item gave Glenn a warm fuzzy feeling.

One of California's state representatives, Leland Yee who publicly has been a strong anti-gun advocate got busted for gun trafficking. I guess he didn't like competition.

To hear what Glenn had to say about our other topics and his answer to listener questions click on the blue arrow below to hear the entire show:

To see more of Glenn Fleming in action be sure to check him out on YouTube at the Gunner's Vault.