On this week's edition of 'Firearms Friday' we were joined by Chris Ortego as Glenn Fleming was at Knob Creek, Kentucky enjoying the machine gun shoot.

As usual we started 'Firearms Friday' with a safety tip and this time it involved weapons and motorcycles. Chris suggested,

If you're going to ride your motorcycle and you're gonna conceal carry don't carry a round in the chamber...The trigger could get caught on something if you fall and it could go off. The last thing you need is another injury.

The state of Illinois has started a new gun permit program and according to Ortego,

They just started the 'shall issue' permits. Used to you had to offer a reason for wanting a permit now you just have to want one.

Amazing statistics have come to light since the 'shall issue' permits have been available. Ortego said,

In the first three months of this (shall issue) they have seen a tremendous drop in the murders down to below 1958 levels.

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