Glenn Fleming Acadiana Gunworks photo

This week on 'Firearms Friday' Glenn Fleming discussed among other things:

  • Gun serviceability
  • 5.45 ammo
  • Confiscation of a fake gun
  • Record kill for British sniper
  • A new Rasmussen poll
  • Ruger recall of SR556 rifles
  • Missouri law awaiting the governor's signature

In discussing gun serviceability Fleming said,

If you have a gun and there's any question about it's serviceability, whether you just got it or it's old and stored away or whatever, have a competent gunsmith check it out before you fire it. When you really think about it when you buy a used car you bring it to a mechanic to check it out because it would be dangerous to just drive 100mph on the highway.

Some forms of 5.45 ammunition can no longer be imported into the US and we asked what the implications were. According to Fleming,

5.45 ammo is a Russian import and it's not widely used but AK-47's use the hell out of it. Recently the ATF banned a certain kind of 5.45 from coming in called 7N6. The bad thing is it's cheap ammo so everybody was buying the hell out of it...They just this one ammo, 7N6 nothing else.

A pro-gun rally in New York state recently turned weird. According to Fleming,

Police were worried somebody might mistake a 'prop-gun' for the real thing and I can understand that. But you lose all credibility when you realize the thing they confiscated was a flat piece of cardboard. This shows you how far New York has fallen. They're confiscating 'gun shaped objects'.

We had heard rumors of a British sniper taking out 6 insurgents

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