Glen Fleming, who returned to mornings on KPEL after an eight-month detour with "Geaux Acadiana" with Ken Romero and Dr. John, said it's still important for gun owners to understand the basics of handling and owning a gun.

"If you have a gun, always assume it's loaded, even if you know it's not loaded," Fleming said. "Always be aware of where it's pointed. Never do anything stupid with it."

Fleming also said he felt kids were missing "an important step into adulthood." Fleming said it wasn't unusual for children to be given pellet guns as their first firearm, but he said the national conversation on the dangers of using and owning a gun have changed that important tradition or "rite of passage."

In addition to a pellet gun, Fleming also recommended a .22 caliber gun as possible first gun for a teenager.

"Start 'em of small. Crawl, walk, run type of thing," Fleming said.

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