Originally scheduled for a 12pm kickoff, the first meeting between the New Orleans Saints and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the 2016 season will be played later in the day.

The game will still be played on December 11th, but it won't start at noon. It has been flexed to a 3:25pm (Central Standard Time) start time. This, according to the Saints VP of Communications Greg Bensel:

The Saints will play the Bucs twice in just a three week period. The first of the two meetings will be on December 11th, as previously mentioned, and the second on Christmas Eve. So far, the second game still has a 12pm start time.

The Saints (5-6) are biting at the Bucs (6-5) knees in the NFC South standings. They are two games behind the Falcons (7-4).

This week, the Saints play at home, and will take on the Lions (7-4) who lead the NFC North.