This is a big football game for the Cajuns.  And, not just because it's the next one.  Louisiana has two straight tough games on the horizon and the first, on the road, is not going to be a cakewalk.  Happy flight home?  Here are some things the Cajuns need to do.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR ADVANTAGE--The biggest advantage in personnel is the Cajuns' offensive line vs. the Texas State defensive line.  The Cajuns need to exploit that advantage by pounding the football and make the defensive backs roll up to help.  Then you use play action and burn them in the passing game.

KNOW WHERE ODIARI IS; MAYO TOO---Those are two guys who can hurt you defensively.  Odiari has 7.5 TFL this year and 5.5 sacks from the defensive end position.  The Cajuns have to make sure he doesn't touch Terrance Broadway.  Mayo, meanwhile has nearly twice as many tackles as anyone on the team.  He's had 15 or more tackles three times this year, and the Bobcats' middle linebacker had a dozen stops against the Cajuns last year.

KEEP UP WITH THE JONESES---Robert Lowe and Terrance Franks are good backs and Texas State certainly wants to establish the run.  But Tyler Jones has made incredible strides at quarterback.  He leads the league in touchdown passes (12) and has rushed for a touchdown in three straight games.  Jones isn't going to wow you with his play, but the kid has made a lot of plays for the Bobcats this season.  He doesn't look like that scared little freshman we saw at Cajun Field last year.

SECURE THE FOOTBALL--Look, we know the Cajuns defense hasn't forced turnovers.  And, that means the offense has little room for error.  Last week was the first game the Cajuns offense didn't have at least two turnovers in a game.  The Cajuns need to at least play the Bobcats even in turnover margin.  That means until the defense starts showing they can take the ball away, the offense needs to be flawless when it comes to taking care of the football.

GET ER DONE...EARLY--Lots of hype in Bobcat Country for this game, as national television broadcasts aren't exactly common in San Marcos.  There's bound to be a good crowd at this one.  The Cajuns will be better off not letting the twelfth man get involved.  That means jumping on the Bobcats early.  A poor start could be trouble for the Cajuns on Tuesday.