This week on "Wingin' It Wednesday", panelist Carol Ross and Warren Caudle joined "Mornings with Ken and Bernie" to discuss the flaws of the Lafayette School System as well as the aftermath of the George Zimmerman trial.

Here's what the panel had to say:

1. Lafayette Parish Supt. Of Schools Dr. Pat Cooper’s first evaluation will be disclosed tonight at the school board meeting.  What do you think will be the outcome of the evaluation?

Carol Ross started us off:

I just made minimal notes on this cause who can figure this school board out? It's a lot of controversy and it just keeps getting worse it seems. Dr. Cooper has just published a memo that seems to be conciliatory which is a good thing in time for his public evaluation. One of the board members is taking about getting a law firm in to look at what she believes are violations of contract and school board policies.
I don't see many "good guys" on the political level, but the teachers are the good guys. They have to deal with all this stuff and still get the job done. To me, the teachers are the heroes. Between the school board and the superintendent it just seems to be a battle of wills.

Warren Caudle concluded:

I have never met Dr. Pat Cooper and never been to one of the deals where he spoke, but all these people keep telling me that he had a grand plan and he's turned around many school systems. The problem is that we have such a flawed public education system that nobody is going to turn it around on the local level. The system itself is flawed.
Carol said that the teachers are the "good guys", well the good teachers are the good guys, the bad teachers are most certainly the bad guys. The problem is good teachers and bad get paid the same in public education.
Until you get the universities out from controlling secondary education, controlling the curriculums and certifications, it's never going to improve.

2. With the innocent verdict in the George Zimmerman case what do you think the legacy of the case and trial will be in the near future?

Warren stated:

I guess the legacy of the case will be about the consultants out there trying to make money on the trial.
I don't understand all the racism in this thing. If Zimmerman was born in Louisiana he would have been considered by state law a negro because his grandfather was black. It's a stupid law, but there it is.
We had a black kid that was shot by someone that was not quite as dark as him, but where is the outrage in south central Los Angeles, with these two groups, the Crips and the Bloods - killing each other based souly on color and who is on who's side. Where is the outrage in these people when it really comes down to it.


Carol added:

There were really no winners in this trial. One young man is dead and another's life is irreparably damaged. It was just a show trial done for the race politics. Sadly, for a majority of the mainstream media, some of the things that came out of the mainstream media were just amazing.
The state of Florida has spent over $1 million investigating Zimmerman. The FBI investigated Zimmerman to determine if this was a hate crime and didn't find enough evidence. No wonder the defense attorneys were outraged by the way this whole thing was so mismanaged. Now we have all the usual race hustlers out demanding this case is further investigated. We can't know exactly what happened last night.

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