It's a trying time for friends and neighbors here in Acadiana, and all across Louisiana today. If you are wondering where to start if your home has been flooded, then we have some tips for you from our friends at Be Toxin Free. These are just basic guidelines, and by no means a complete guide, but it's a good starting point.


  • Hire a professional if possible
  • Wear a mask and eye protection
  • Place plastic on floor to prevent contaminants from being brought inside
  • Turn off appliances, and all gas and electric
  • Remove standing water and debris
  • Remove all wet materials that have come in contact with flood water - carpets, drywall, insulation, ceiling tiles, cabinets, shelving and furniture
  • Rent a dumpster, or bag wet materials from house, so as not to contaminate other property
  • If safe, use pumps, fans and heaters to dry things out
  • Clean all surfaces with Borax
  • After rooms have been cleaned and dried, get an EPA approved disinfectant to kill the germs and stamp out odors
  • Use a HEPA vac, as opposed to a shop vac, which spreads dust and toxic particles around
  • Ventilate rooms
  • After drying rooms, use a moisture meter to determine dryness
  • To prevent mold, try to remove ALL wet materials
  • Try to use Borax, and not bleach

For more tips on how to get started on cleanup after a flood, there are many resources from, including what not to use.