A multitude of state agencies are continuing to work on plans for flooding in Louisiana.  Sandbagging, equipment distribution and more manpower has been enlisted.  Here is the breakdown from the State's Joint Information Center.

St. Landry Parish:

RIBS are quick assemble, heavy-duty triangular sand bags. In addition to the RIBS, DOTD is using 75 trucks to haul approximately 3,278 cubic yards of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) to build a base. The RIBS along with 2,100 linear feet of HESCO baskets will be placed on top of the newly-laid RAP base to construct a barrier wall to protect residents and businesses from flood waters.

St. Mary Parish:

Morgan City worksite:

Amelia worksite: As of this morning, Guard crews placed 2,940LF of HESCO barrier. (Total Project is 10,000 feet, which was adjusted up from 9,000). Today, the LANG continues the construction and installation of this protection.

Siracusaville worksite:

St. Martin Parish:

East Baton Rouge Parish:

Avoyelles Parish:

Assumption Parish:

National Guard teams completed assessments of the project areas in Pierre Part and Bayou L'ourse in conjunction with parish officials. The Guard constructed over 2,100 feet of Tiger Dam. Today, Guard teams will continue operations of Tiger Dam installation (Total project is 8,500 LF).

In support of Parishes in Northeast Louisiana: Guardsmen continue to support Parishes and the 5th Levee District's efforts to monitor levees, distribute equipment and supplies, and to fortify levees in East Carroll, Madison, Tensas, and Concordia Parishes. Guardsmen are also assessing areas in LaSalle, Catahoula, and Avoyelles Parishes in preparation for potential backwater flooding. Yesterday, Guardsmen assisted in the identification of eight new Sand or Pin Boils in Northeast Louisiana, three in East Carroll and five in Concordia. Guardsmen have now located and flagged 91 Sand or Pin Boils to date.

The Louisiana National Guard has approximately 700 Guardsmen mobilized for this event. Currently, the LANG has deployed National Guard liaison teams to 19 affected parishes in order to coordinate National Guard support to Parish efforts.

DOTD completed approximately half of the flood protection barrier needed along La. 663 in Assumption Parish. DOTD delivered 124 cubic yards of sand yesterday and began construction of a flood protection barrier. DOTD completed more than half the needed project by installing 400 linear feet of HESCO baskets. To date, DOTD has delivered a total of 160 cubic yards of sand and 750 linear feet of HESCO baskets which will be utilized to complete the barrier ensuring flood waters do not inundate La. 663 or nearby neighborhoods. DOTD completed it reinforcement efforts at the Hamburg Big Bend levee along La. 451. DOTD hauled a total of 6,850 cubic yards of fill material and 360 cubic yards of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) to complete this flood protection effort. The fill material was used by the Red River, Atchafalaya, and Bayou Boeuf levee districts to build up the elevation of the levee specifically in locations where a roadway over the levee top reduced the levee's original crown elevation. DOTD completed the construction of a 1,000 linear foot HESCO basket flood barrier and placed 34 supersacks to keep water from flowing into the U.S. 190 pump station. DOTD supplied 300 linear feet of HESCO baskets to assist in St. Martin Parish's flood prevention efforts. DOTD is now working around the clock efforts in support of the construction of a flood protection wall for the town of Amelia in St. Mary Parish. DOTD hauled 1,692 cubic yards of sand and 2,080 cubic yards of dirt to support LANG operations. Additionally, DOTD provided 4,000 linear feet of HESCO baskets, deployed 20 trucks to haul material to the site and three dozers to assist the parish in raising existing levees to an appropriate flood protection height.Yesterday, the Louisiana National Guard received a warning order to install an additional 5,000 LF of HESCO barrier to support parish flood fighting efforts. Today, unit leadership will meet with parish officials to identify exact locations for installation. National Guard crews stretched and filled over 7,400 LF of HESCO barrier to date and will complete the remaining portion today. (Total Project was adjusted down to approximately 8,000 feet due to parish sandbagging efforts). In support of St. Mary Parish, the Louisiana National Guard continues construction of approximately 18,000 feet of HESCO barrier in order to fortify and elevate levees along Lake Palourde to prevent backwater flooding in Morgan City and Amelia. Today, Guard team leaders are working closely with the HESCO technical representatives to inspect HESCO barriers and fortify any areas that need additional support. The National Guard will continue improving and working 24 hour operations in this parish.

Yesterday in Krotz Springs, Guardsmen assisted Parish and DOTD in preparing the improved levee addition by leveling and grading an additional 2,100 Linear Feet of base in preparation of HESCO and Super Sand Bag installation. Total base preparation is now at approximately 5,000 LF. Today, Guardsmen will begin installation of HESCO barriers and Super Sand Bags on this project. (Total project is approximately 10,000 LF)