Sure, I had to get up early today because my wife had to fly to Louisville for business.  Getting up early was no big deal for me because I’m up early every morning.

Kathy did have to get up a couple of hours earlier than usual but it sure paid off.  Her flight was less expensive than if she had driven to Baton Rouge, New Orleans or Houston to catch a flight.  Consider the drive time each way, the stress of the drive and parking fees or even hotel costs.

We know a couple who left for vacation to Mexico yesterday and they drove to Houston to catch a flight!  Stress filled I-10 drive to Houston, overnight stay at a hotel or motel, a week of parking fees and that wonderful stress filled drive back after a long flight.  That stressful drive home will get you right in the mode to return to work!

When you fly Lafayette you sleep comfortably in your own bed the night before, drive a few miles to a friendly airport with connections to the world and the drive home on your return won’t burn you out.

I don’t even check flight prices from alternate airports.  It’s just not worth my time, money and stress to fly from anywhere but Lafayette.  I want my money and especially my tax money to help Lafayette.  When you fly from some other airport you’re helping that city’s economy and tax base not to mention all the gas stations along the way.

Whenever we have to or want to fly we ‘Fly Lafayette’ and hope you will too.

A side benefit (some may question this one) for Kathy she doesn’t have to drive home.  A chauffeur driven car awaits her arrival.  That chauffeur will be wearing my smiling face.