Oh, to have the money these folks have. Forbes Magazine has released their Top 100 Highest Paid Celebrities list for 2015, and there are some very familiar faces on there! In the top 10 we have:

Floyd Mayweather  $300 million

Manny Pacquiao  $160 million

Katy Perry  $135 million

One Direction  $130 million

Howard Stern  $95 million

Garth Brooks $90 million

James Patterson $89 million

Robert Downey Jr  $80 million

Taylor Swift  $80 million

Cristiano Ronaldo $79.5 million

There are plenty more country stars - Jason Aldean comes in at #47 with $43.5 million, followed by Luke Bryan at #48 with $42.2 million, and Tim McGraw lands at #58 with $38 million. Check out the entire Forbes Top 100 list, and dream on, Dawgs!