As Memorial Day 2012 looms I wonder when and if we will ever learn.  America was embroiled in the Korean Conflict and still has troops stationed there.  Vietnam was a disaster for America and France before.  Afghanistan was a debacle for the Russians before we entered the fray.

Memorial Day, a day to honor those who have given all for our freedom.  Isn't it about time that we have fewer men and women who fall on foreign soil to protect our freedoms?  We have spent the lives of so many young Americans and trillions of dollars in the last ten years.  Our so-called allies in the war against terrorism can't be discerned from the terrorists.  I think it's time to bring all the troops home from the Mid-East and the Far East.  Let's use the human and financial resources to guard our borders.  The time has come for us to quit being the police force to the world.  We spend our money and our talented young men and women but foreign nationals and governments hate and laugh at us.  We spent 10 years looking for Osama Bin Laden because Pakistani officials could not "find" him living in their midst?  Allies?  Instead people who enrich themselves with our foreign aid and protect themselves with the power of American might.

I really believe that we have learned nothing from past conflicts.  If you don't enter a war or conflict without a clear-cut goal you will come away with nothing but grief and humiliation.  It is time Memorial Day honors those that have served and given all but also a time to redefine our mission as a nation.