Blue Bell lovers get an early Christmas present today as the ice cream makes it way back on shelves in Louisiana. Blue Bell Spokesperson Joe Robertson says seven different flavors will be available after originally thinking only four different kinds would make it to grocery stores.

"We'll have our Homemade vanilla, our Cookies and Cream, our Dutch Chocolate, the Great Divide, Buttered Pecan, Pistachio Almond, and for the holidays, we're bringing out peppermint," Robertson said.
He says as production capacity increases, they’re going to keep adding in new flavors until all are returned to shelves. Blue Bell was forced to take their ice cream off the shelves last spring because its products were linked to 10 listeria cases, including three deaths in Kansas. He says they’ve made huge changes to ensure that listeria is never a problem again in Blue Bell ice cream.
"Every batch of ice cream that is produced is tested and proven safe before it is even placed into inventory," Robertson said reassuring consumers of the products safety. "Before it even gets to our trucks, it's tested and proven safe."
This is phase four of the five phase rollout and so far everything is going well. He says Blue Bell is excited to continue releasing ice cream until grocery stores are completely restocked.
"So far so good. The reception has been great. Once we've built up enough inventory where we are comfortable (that) we can take care of a phase, we'll add another phase."