Former Congressman Jeff Landry joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and discussed the $1.1 trillion budget compromise, Governor Chris Christie's 'Bridgegate'

When we asked if he thought the $1.1 trillion budget compromise would be approved Landry said,

I think unfortunately it's going to make it all the way.  The problem here is disinformation out there that goes on from both sides.  The Budget Control Act was to raise the debt ceiling three years ago.  Because they didn't come up with a compromise there were some automatic cuts and for once in a very long time the Federal Government was actually cutting spending....And I didn't see anybody dying in the streets or starving to death.  Of course the sequester required us to cut more and more...Then the compromise is to undo some of the sequester.

The biggest problem with the budget according to Landry is,

At the end of the day we're just spending too much money.  And we're not giving the flexibility to the agencies that they need to cut their spending.  What they do is, they do across the board cuts to defense.  Who gets hurt at the end of the day?  Veterans.

We asked Landry what he thought of the problems New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is facing and he replied,

The biggest problem he has is that he has been caught using democratic tactics.  What's amazing is if you turn on MSNBC or CNN, I don't why you would want to, but anyway, it's all about Christie because they're mad, they're infuriated that a Republican is using their tactics and he might get away with it...What's the difference between Christie shutting down a bridge lane and the President shutting down 'open air' war memorials?

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