Former Governor Kathleen Blanco understands what state and local officials are dealing with as the recovery has begun from the devastating flood that inundated thousands of homes without flood insurance. She says similar to Hurricane Katrina, we are once again dealing with a serious housing dilemma.

“I don’t know where these people are going to be able to find accommodations and you take your chances on people being forced to move out of state when something like this occurs.”

Blanco is concerned the lack of housing for flood victims could result in people moving out of the state to live with family members elsewhere. She says even those with flood insurance are struggling.

“Those who had flood insurance are sometimes finding out that flood insurance covers their structures but not the contents of the rooms that were flooded, that comes as something of a shock.”

Blanco says this will not be an overnight recovery and rebuilding will cost billions of dollars. She says it will be very hard for flood victims to repair their homes without some kind of government assistance.

“If folks don’t have access to some financial wherewithal, they will not be able to get their homes back up and we’re going to be suffering yet again, a huge housing shortage.”