As thousands of residents in south Louisiana continue to put the pieces of their life back together, it feels to many like this nightmare will never end. But former Governor Kathleen Blanco says one of her biggest takeaways from Hurricane Katrina is that people in Louisiana are fighters, and they don't give up.

"We live in this magnificent land that has now presented us with severe challenges," said Blanco. "But it's a place that we love."

Blanco says last night's game in the Superdome was a reminder about how resilient communities can be, as it was 10 years ago that New Orleans got a rebirth when the facility reopened for the first time since the storm. She says we will recover from this.

"All of the people who got flooded will find that point where they can recreate their lives," said Blanco.

Blanco encourages residents to keep their heads held high, because this too shall pass. She says the "new normal" will be better in many ways.

"They will have lost things that give them pain," said Blanco. "But at the same time if they can survive the flooding they can survive the rebuilding."