Tuesday afternoon, Jordan Jefferson reported to prison after a state judge says he violated terms of his bond related to the Shady's bar fight incident.

Jefferson was arrested on a possession of marijuana charge last week. "Judge Moore has made it clear again today in court, like he does all the time, that when someone violates his commission of bond, particularly being rearrested, he takes it very seriously and without very few exceptions he incarcerates individuals, just like Mr. Jefferson," says East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar Moore.

DA Moore says Judge Moore also ruled that Jefferson would undergo a substance abuse evaluation Tuesday that will determine how long Jefferson will spend in jail:

He's going to eventually get a report from this person and then the judge will reconsider his remand sometime this week I'm sure. Then he'll make a decision on whether to release him and on what conditions to release him on.

Jefferson was ordered to report to jail by 2:00 p.m. Tuesday. According to tigerrag.com, Jefferson had a somber attitude inside the courtroom.

In a brief statement afterwards, Jefferson's attorney Lance Unglesby says the former Tiger quarterback respects the judge's decision and Jefferson will honor all obligations put before him:

And my opinion of Jordan remains the same. He's a fine young man and I look forward to over time that becoming apparent to everyone.