CONVENT, La. (AP) — A former Gramercy patrol officer is facing felony theft charges after officials allege she charged personal purchases, amounting to about $7,500, to a town-issued credit card.

The Advocate reports the newly released financial audit for Gramercy's 2012-13 fiscal year brought to light the former officer's alleged misuse of the Fueltrac credit card.

Maj. Sid Berthelot (BURTH'-uh-lot), who heads the St. James Parish Sheriff's Criminal Investigation Division, says 45-year-old Evangeline Taylor, of Convent, was arrested last November on counts of malfeasance and felony theft.

She was later charged by prosecutors in St. James Parish with felony theft.

The sheriff's office says her next court date is March 24.

It was unclear whether Berthelot has an attorney.