A state district judge has sided against the plaintiff in a civil lawsuit against the Lafayette Parish School Board.

Former N.P. Moss Middle School Principal Ken Douet sued the school board in April 2012 for breach of contract, and he was asking for $500,000 in compensation.

Douet was the principal of N.P. Moss Middle until the school board closed the school because of low scores.  The board feared if they didn't close the school it would be taken over by the state of Louisiana.

Burnell Lemoine was the Superintendent of Lafayette schools at the time.  He recommended Douet for the principal's job at the Early College Academy, but the school board didn't vote for that action.

Douet named as a staff development specialist at the Vermilion Conference Center, and he retired in July 2012 when his contract was up.

The judge ruled against Doeut in his civil suit against the school board.