One former Saints player says the audio of former Saints Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams instructing his players to hurt specific players on the San Francisco 49ers during a playoff game last season did not have his permission to be released.

Documentary Film maker Sean Pamphilon was granted access to the Saints locker room through his project documenting former Saints special team standout Steve Gleason and his struggles with ALS. Gleason says there was an agreement that he and his family would own the rights to any recordings made of his interaction with the Saints.

Pamphilon says he gave the audio to Yahoo Sports because he was disturbed by Williams' methods. Gleason says he feels "deflated and disappointed" about the audio going public.

Meanwhile, the New Orleans Saints and Head Coach Sean Payton still await NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's decision for their roles in running a bounty program from 2009-2011. Goodell heard their appeals on Thursday. It's possible, but not likely that Goodell will issue the ruling Friday.