LAFAYETTE, LA -The Lafayette Science Museum (LSM) is opening the second installment to its exhibition, “Fossil Giants: Dinosaurs & Mammals,” as part of a highly successful partnership with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette's School of Geosciences.

The exhibit which features dynamically-posed fossil casts opens April 4, 2015 and represents the Cretaceous period. “This exhibition illustrates how dinosaurs, and eventually mammals, evolved over millions of years while the Earth's land masses were being torn apart by violent tectonic shifts.” said LSM director and curator Kevin B. Krantz. “Our visitors will leave the museum with a deeper understanding of how long life has existed on this planet.”

The fossil casts are owned by DinoLab and the exhibit is dedicated to the company's founders, pioneering paleontologists James and Sue Madsen. DinoLab has designed and built dinosaur exhibits for natural history museums worldwide.

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