The Scott Police Department was called out to the 100 Block of Clay Road just after midnight this morning about a disturbance on the property.

The female that call 911 said that her ex-boyfriend and several other people were in her yard yelling that they wanted her to come out and fight.

The female also called family members to come to the home, and when they go there, the other six people started to leave.

Verbal arguements began between the two groups, and the 911 caller says that is when 20-year-old Ke'Shawn Jones is alleged to have started firing at her and her sister.

Jones and his group fled as the family followed them while on the phone with 911.

Several agencies were involved in the chase and eventually search for the suspects who stopped at a local business and were hiding.

Ke'Shawn Jones has been charged with attempted first-degree murder and simple burglary while 20-year-old Anthony Gary was charged with principle to attempted first-degree murder, simple burglar and an unrelated warrant.

Two women, 19-year-old Siera Harbor and 18-year-old Darien Wilson when to the Scott Police Department later being contacted by investigators.   Both were charged with principle to attempted first-degree murder.

Other suspects are being sought in connection with the case.