April 23, 2012 UPDATE: The four Rayne children killed when they were left unattended in a mobile home that burned down over the weekend have been identified.

Two-year-old Brian Stiener, five-year-old Lashay McDade, seven-year-old Amous Mouton, Jr., and eight-year-old Jamari McDade were killed in the fire.

Their mother, Shaqueta McDade, was originally charged with four counts of negligent homicide. Those charges have now been upgraded to four counts of second degree murder.

Police say Mcdade left the children alone in the home the same day they were returned to her by police for doing the same thing the previous day. Neighbors say that hasn't been an unusual occurrence.

Crystal Douga, a neighbor who lives across the street, says she had to call the police a month ago when she found the two-year-old walking on the streets alone after midnight.

Judge Jim Cunningham has set McDade's bond at $250,000.


April 22, 2012: Four children were killed late Saturday night during a fire that burned down the mobile home they were in.

Richard Gray with the Rayne Police Department says the four children, who were ages two, five, seven, and eight years old, were left in the home unattended.

It's not clear where the mother, 26-year-old Shaqueta McDade, was during the fire. She has been arrested on four counts of negligent homicide.

Gray says the Acadia Parish Corner's Office and the State Fire Marshall are being asked to assist in the investigation.