A traffic signal must be treated as a four-way stop when it becomes inoperative and all sides are "dark."

Master Trooper Brooks David, spokesperson for Louisiana State Police Troop I, said drivers must yield the right of way to the person on their right when more than one vehicle approaches such an intersection at the same time.

"If everybody follows the rules and plays by the rules, it'll go a lot smoother, and everyone will get through a lot quicker," David said.

Pull Over!

David said police will step up their enforcement of a decades-old law that requires drivers to move to the left lane and slow down when on a multilane highway or to slow down when on a two lane road when an emergency vehicle is on the shoulder of the road.

According to recent statistics, there has been a 33 percent increase in deaths. One tow truck driver is killed every six days, 23 highway workers and one police officer are killed every month, and five firefighters are killed every year, David said.

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