Independence Day is here! Some of you may be off of work celebrating during the day itself, and some of you will be celebrating for the whole weekend. And for a lot of you that means road trips. And whether they are short or long road trips, you still want to make it there and back safely.

Carl Comeaux, a driving instructor in Lafayette, has these safety tips for you:


Pre-Trip Inspection

Make sure tires are properly inflated and that the tread is at a safe level

Check all lights around the vehicle

  • Make sure lenses are not cracked
  • Police officers can and will stop you if any of the lights are not functioning properly

Check under vehicle for leaks

  • Check under hood for fluid levels, condition of belts and hoses


Safe Driving Tips

Stay off of cell phones
Don't drink and drive
Maintain proper speed
Keep a proper following distance behind other vehicles (at least 3 seconds)
If you witness anyone driving in an unsafe manner, keep a safe distance between you and them and have your foot covering your brake. If it calls for it, pull over and call 911 to report the erratic driving.

Meanwhile, La. State Police say they will be targeting aggressive drivers, impaired drivers, those that choose not to wear their seatbelts and those that choose not to secure their children in child restraints.

“Troopers will continue to work diligently with our law enforcement partners to aid in the removal of impaired drivers from our roadways,” said Colonel Mike Edmonson, State Police Superintendent.  “These types of proactive enforcement practices are performed every day, in our state, to aid in a safer driving environment for all.  You can rest assured that we will do our part, but it is the responsibility of each driver/citizen to make good decisive decisions to help combat driving impaired.  We encourage all citizens and visitors to make sure all occupants inside their vehicle are properly restrained, limit distractions, and designate a sober driver in order to arrive at their destination safely.”

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