Do you have that next million dollar idea?  Want to patent a recipe or trademark your new product or idea to protect it?  Well, the Louisiana Small Business Development Center at the University of Louisiana Lafayette can help you with your grand ideas, and it's free!  Coming up on Wednesday, April 11th the SBDC will be hosting two free seminars.  The first seminar entitled "Patenting Your Idea" will be held from 9:30 a.m. until noon at the Acadiana Technical College along with the "Trademarking Your Brand" workshop from 1 to 3:15 p.m.

Erica Fontenot with the Small Business Development Center tells "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" that "it can be a bit tricky trying to find out whose made what, whose patented what, and the second portion of each event will have the intellectual property attorney talking about general questions on how do I do this?"  She says that Will Hires with the Louisiana State University Middleton Libraries and attorney Ted Anthony will be teaching at the workshops.

Fontenot says seating is limited for the events which will be held at the Acadiana Technical College campus at 1101 Bertrand Drive in Lafayette.  She says the only way to ensure that you can attend the free event is to register by either calling 262-5344, visiting their website at, or by emailing their office at

Fontenot tells KPEL, "They are going to cover a variety of issues.  They will cover the patent/trademark process, how to figure out how to search to see if your product or idea is already on the market, changes in law, and international trademark information".

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