Free parking on just the weekdays only to those who plan on voting absentee from October 10th through the 14th. Absentee voting takes place for October 8th through the 15th. The offices are open from 8:30 to 6:00. Voters can park in the South Buchanan Garage. You must bring the ticket to the registrars offices located at 1010 Lafayette Street. and get it validated in order for it to be free.

Voters who wish to use the parking facility for free parking will need to follow the instructions below:
1) Each vehicle operator must obtain a parking validation ticket upon entering the South Buchanan Street Garage and park on the second floor near the parking booth.
2) The vehicle operator must bring their ticket to the Registrar’s Office and have it validated at the Registrar's office.
3) Persons presenting validated tickets will be able to park without any charges.  Persons not complying with this procedure will be required to pay for parking in the garage.
4) Absentee voters who use handicapped parking should park in designated handicap stalls adjacent to 1010 Lafayette Street.