There will be a series of free pediatric weight managment workshops for children and their parents offered by the Woman's Foundation.

Event organizers say children and their parents will learn about healthy eating through the Kids on the Geaux program.

Attendees will be offered fitness, nutrition and behavior modification information in what program officials call an "engaging manner".

By attending, your child with also learn healthy habits that they can start using right away and for a lifetime.

While the seminar is free, you need to register by visting

The program is open for children between the ages of 8 and 14 along with their parents.

The first workshop will be held from 10 a.m. until noon this Saturday, January 23rd at the Woman's Foundation classroom at 4630 Ambassador Caffery, building "A" Suite 100.

The program has the goal of helping to reduce childhood obesity in Acadiana.

Organizers say that part of the program will be nutritional sessions that center on the following:

Making better choices

Portion sizes

Healthy snack ideas for school and home

The above is the new portion of this story.  Now, I will add my thoughts on it.  I know you don't need my thoughts because you can make up your own mind, but I think this program is great, and I love the fact that it is free.

I can't tell you how many times as a child I was picked on because I was fat.

I remember my skirts ( I wore uniforms ) being tight because I used food to make me feel better about feeling bad about myself (low self-esteem), feeling lonely, bored or scared.

Food has and still is so many things to me: my friend, my comfort, a way to celebrate and way to avoid things that I don't want to feel.  Do you think maybe this is what your child is going through also?

I hope you will consider this program for your child.  My mom was a great mom, but there was a lot less information out there for mom's and their kids when I was going up, so she did the best should could do to help.

Sign you and your kid up for this, please.  Knowledge really is power.  Do it in a kind way though, because I know it can be a touchy subject.  Only come from a place of love, and let them be excited about learning something new.

I still struggle with my weight today, and I will for the rest of my life.  I really have to take it one day at a time, sometimes even a minute at a time, but I sure know a lot more today than I did as a kid.

Please give your child this gift! Please participate with them in this! Show them that while genetics account for so much of why their body is like it is, that knowledge and action can help.

I love my body now. I love when I can tell people are judging me for my weight because I never feel bad about me know.  I celebrate my genetics, my body and the action I can choose to take each day, if I want, to make a change.

Take this workshop. Help your child to learn that they don't have to beat themselves up about their weight, and that each person is beautiful and unique!