It's a Food Friday and today we talk with Personal Chef Jon Soileau about a debate that has been had in food circles for a long time, fresh food or packaged food?  Soileau said,

The beauty about cooking is that you have to make compromises.  There are positives and negatives to both sides, so it really depends upon how they apply to you.

Soileau noted that fresh foods provide nutrients and better flavor than packaged food.  It is in more of it's natural state.  But, when you use fresh products, you will be at the store more often and things are often more expensive.  If you decide to go with fresh food, Soileau cautions,

You want to buy it that day or the day before.  Don't buy something that is in such big bulk that you have to pop it into the freezer.

When it comes to packaged food, there will be more convenience, but you do lose nutrients.  Soileau mentioned that it might be worthwhile to balance things out with some fresh and some canned food if you decide to go that way.

Soileau mentioned that the labels will tell you when things are or aren't healthy, so make sure to pay attention.

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