I was appalled when I read that Nidal Hasan the terrorist shooter at Ft. Hood would not be charged with terrorism or hate crimes but with 'workplace violence'.

November 5, 2009 was the date of his shooting spree that left 13 dead and 22 wounded and now nearly four years later his case has not been brought to trial.  The so-called 'workplace violence' charge is a farce considering Hasan's political views.

What is really appalling is the fact that Hasan is being paid his salary as a military officer while awaiting trial.  This alleged killer (I have to say 'alleged' because he has not been tried and convicted) of 13 American soldiers on American soil is still being paid his salary because the Military Code of Justice states that the Army cannot suspend his pay until he is proven guilty.

What's even more appalling is soldiers wounded by Hasan are having to fight for pay and medical benefits!

If Hasan were a civilian defense worker his pay could have been suspended after 7 days of confinement.  Since November 5, 2009 this disgrace to the Army uniform he wore has cost the American taxpayer $270,000!  I wonder if he will keep the money and the continuing paychecks if he is convicted?  The question also remains, will he ever go to trial?

Hasan has already earned $270,000 while sitting in a protected air-conditioned environment with three squares a day while his victims have to fight for justice and medical care.  'Work-place violence' or terrorism the crime is still being committed against the victims.