Funeral services for Sgt. Rick Riggenbach of the Chitimacha Tribal Police are scheduled for 2 p.m., Thursday at Crossing Place Church in Franklin. Riggenbach will be buried at a Morgan City cemetery.

48-year-old Wilbert Thibodeaux of Charenton is not only charged with Riggenbach's murder, but also that of 78-year-old Eddie Lyons. Thibodeaux is also charged with arson. He allegedly set fire to a mobile home with Lyons inside.

Two St. Mary Parish sheriff's deputies, 23-year-old Jason Javier and 24-year-old Matthew Strickland, were also wounded in the shooting. Javier has been released from the hospital, but Strickland is still in stable condition, according to a spokeswoman for the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office.

Riggenbach had previously served 10 years as a St. Mary Parish sheriff's deputy, before joining the Tribal Police Four years ago. He has been hailed as "a true hero." Sgt. Riggenbach was shot and killed while trying to subdue Thibodeaux, according to police.

Meanwhile, a prayer vigil for the three law officers is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. Wednesday night at the Mount Pleasant Church in Charenton.